Thursday 27 February, 5.30pm

Project Spaces, CHROMA, IMMA

In response to the exhibition Desire: A Revision from the20th Century to the Digital Age and the work of  VALIE EXPORT, curator Vaari Claffey presents an intimate short programme of screenings of artists’ films, sound works and paintings. The films and sound works reflect the rhythms and dynamics of repetition and tension as a function of desire, and explore the notion of desire as a function of artworks. The rhythms will be established or mimicked through a series of art works presented in a durational programme, during which the audience is seated. Costumes and colour-changing painting works by Romana Londi will be temporarily on view for the duration of the event. This event takes places within the current installation byNiall Sweeney Club Chroma, commissioned for IMMA as part of the project CHROMA.