How to write the history of subjects that have been continually erased from history? Is it possible to recover certain episodes of subaltern visibility, feminist activism,women’s art practices, sexual and gender dissidence for art history without turning them into exotic figures within the dominant narratives? When we think of so-called sexual and gender minorities, we find ourselves before an ensemble of bodies whose deprivation of their condition as citizens has historically persisted not as a result of control and surveillance, but through the Silencing and general Erasure of their traces from official records –that is, when the few existing traces have not been used to pathologize, exclude, or normalize difference.

Blushing (Pink As Fuck) resists any description of colour or in composition. The colour shades vary according to the strength of the light, to the extent that even the works ‘life span’ is determined by the condition and amount of UV light exposure it experiences. Ultimately the paintings will ‘trap’ the colour on the painting surface, permanently depicting the ways in which the light has fallen on it.