Romana Londi is an Italian Irish painter, based in London.

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2009, Londi has developed unique painting practices which include the recto-verso series Happenstance - painted simultaneously on both sides of unprimed canvas and the colour-changing series, Sentient and Jetlag. For these signature series, Londi invented and developed a photo-chromatic medium which responds to the changing intensity of sunlight and shifting shadows. These sentient (rather then merely representational) works are concerned with the immediacy of life, with the interplay between presence and absence, and the absorption and manifestation of their surroundings as sites for transformation. The resulting paintings, or hybrids, gather and synchronise conflicting realities and are intimately informed by Londi’s own life experience and international identity. Jetlag is conceptualised as the hangover of the great acceleration, a musing on the role of the body in the post-industrial, post-pandemic, digital world with its potential and failures. 

Selected Exhibitions include Planet B, Climate change and the new sublime, Palazzo Bollani, IT, I am the beat, IMMA Museum, Dublin, Gaia has a Thousand Names,  Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Mademoiselle, CRAC, Sete, FR.